In 2008, within a privatization program promoted by the local government, aimed at opening the economy to foreign investors, Buzzi acquired a 35% stake in the share capital of two companies, which respectively own the cement plants of Hadjar Soud (located about 30 km from Annaba) and Sour El Ghozlane (located about 130 km South of Algiers).

The production units in which Buzzi invested have an overall production capacity of more than 2 million tons/year of cement, can boast a large availability of raw materials, adequate manufacturing equipment and a good operating profitability.

Currently in Algeria 699 people are employed.

Société des Ciments de Hadjar Soud
Route Nationale 44 Bekkouche - Lakhdar
Daira de Ben Azzouz, Wilaya de Skikda
Tel. +213 38 77 64 03
Fax +213 38 77 97 24

Société des Ciments de Sour el Ghozlane
Col de Beouche
Daira de Sour el Ghozlane, Wilaya de Bouira
Tel. +213 26 96 64 51
Fax +213 26 96 61 27