Gold medal for industry to Fratelli Buzzi SpA
06 December 2002

Gold medal for industry to Fratelli Buzzi SpA

The Chamber of Commerce of Alessandria, Italy, awarded Fratelli Buzzi SpA, now Buzzi Unicem SpA, with a certificate and gold medal in recognition for its trade fairness and industrial commitment shown in more than ninety years of business life. The prize, established by the CoC Board, is meant to honour entrepreneurial activities who contributed substantially to increment social, economic and scientific development in the province of Alessandria and not only there.
The prize-giving cremony took place at the Theather of Casale Monferrato on December 6, 2002, on occasion of the traditional Christmas Concert.

The picture above shows Mr. Pietro Buzzi, CFO and Director of Buzzi Unicem, collecting the award from Mr. Enzo Ghigo, President of the Piedmont Region.


Solutions for any job-site
28 November 2002

Solutions for any job-site

On the occasion of SAIE 2002, which took place in Bologna from 16 to 20 October, a digital interactive guide for the use of Buzzi Unicem and Unical products, has been presented. The CD-ROM, named Solutions for any job-site, is meant for a wide range of users: designers, contractors, builders, ready-mix concrete producers, pre casts and pre-fab producers.
This kind of device enables to concentrate hundreds of pages, technical information, photos, movies, in a very small space, easy to browse and quick to use.
The general structure is made up of two main sections: one referring to cement (Buzzi Unicem) and the other to concrete (Unical), sharing fields like applications and examples of industrial accomplishments.
All the products are presented with suggestions for use and technical info. For Ecospritz a movie is available; in ready-mix concrete section you can find even three movies: SCC, Control and Concrete application in general.
Parts with general, institutional info are then present, included the section "Our Commitment towards Environment and Safety", which shows an abstract of the Environment Report 2001, with a link to our web site to download it.

To receive the CD-ROM “ Solutions for any job-site ” e-mail your request to:

17 November 2002

The "king of the desert" wins the Jordan Desert Cup again

"The Sunday Times" November 17, 2002 pg. 28 world news

Faster and faster! 21 hours and 41 minutes was his racing time from Petra to Wadi Rum in 2000, 20 hours 20 min. in 2001, and finally 18 hours 35 min. in 2002, thus improving his already extraordinary record by one hour and 44 minutes and leaving the other finalists behind by more than three hours (the maximum time allowed by the organizationi is 62 hours).
Olmo started at 8:30 in the morning of Tuesday the 5th November. At the 55th km of the race he took the lead and, while temperature was settling at 32°C and 22 competitors decided to withdraw because of sores at their feet, hunger or dehydration crisis, before dawn of Wednesday he had finished the competition. The next day he was already back to Aqaba beach for training.

The Desert Cup is through the same tracks as ridden by Lawrence of Arabia to free the Arabs from the Turks' dominion. Marco Olmo is a member of sporting club Roata Chiusani whose sponsors are Rita Marchisio and Beppe Viale. In June this year he had already won for the second time the Grand Raid International sur les Traces de Cro Magnon (100 km between mountain town Limone Piemonte, Italy and sea resort Cap d'Ail, Côte d'Azur, France, a track were traces of prehistorical Cro Magnon man were found last century). In September he took part with the Italian National Team at the European Race Championships in Gravigny, France, consisting of 200 km on a 1400-metre asphalt ring to be run within 24 hours.

"How to defeat Marco Olmo?" is the title of an article in African-French magazine Shara-news because this man, who ranks amongs the five best athletes in the world in extreme ultramarathones, became no less than 54 years old in Last October and disputed so far seven Marathon des Sables (Marathon of Sands), 7 days and 230 km in absolute feeding self-sufficiency under prohibitive climate conditions in Marocco's desert (arriving three times 3rd, two times 2nd and once 7th), four Desert Cups which is 168 km through the Jordan desert (he won three of them), took part at three Trail du Verdon, 114 km of gorges (one victory, one 3rd and one 4th place), he dominated in two Cro Magnon Raids; he participated once and won in Egypt the 10 Commandments Marathon (156 km on Mount Sinai) preceding by 53 minutes Karim Mosta and setting a time record in climbing the biblic mountain; he raced in Martinica at the Tible Raid (where ge got 5th), not to mention his victories in mountain races or in mountain climbing and than skiing down.

We recently met this record athlete, who worked for 21 years as excavator operator at our Gavota quarry near plant Robilante (Cuneo, Italy). He is very slim, 60 kg and 180 cm tall, with a veil of beard that gives him ascetic look, but with an open and amicable smile, a warm and sincere handshake. A «pure» who doesn't believe too much in energetic bars or sports medicine.
"We would have thought he spends his life running. On the contrary, now we read he lives for running..."
«In reality I started training only since I was 27 because when I was younger there was no time for gymnastics; nevertheless, we walked to school with heavy ledgers and in the Summer we spent long days working hard in the fields. I reckon I have run 3000 km in the desert and, altogether, more then 120,000 km, running at least two hours a day, plus long distances on weekends, without following any training tables. All of this, and as much as possible, out of the town traffic, because I like long distances and views, and especially running where nobody would dare to go and where - alone with my heart beats - I feel well and happy. The race then is the mirror of one's preparation, a challenge of one's limits; and, at the end, the satisfaction is indescribable».

SAIE 2002 - International Exhibition in Building Industrialization
16 October 2002

SAIE 2002 - International Exhibition in Building Industrialization

Bologna 16th – 20th October
This year, Buzzi Unicem returned to the SAIE, the International Salon for the Building Industry, with a special stand built like an operculum which with its cavities represented  honeycomb cells. The idea behind this was to highlight a new product from Unical, the SCC, which is a concrete that flows like honey, and so the stand was fitted out like a hive.
An Interactive Guide for using Buzzi Unicem and Unical products was introduced at the Salon on a CD entitled "Solutions for all construction sites". The CD contains hundreds of pages, photos, data sheets and videos, which are all easy to access and quick to use. There are also sections that are common to Buzzi Unicem and Unical from a corporate standpoint, such as the section "Our commitment to the environment and safety", which includes an extract from the Environmental and Safety Report 2001.
The large crowd was very interested in the huge range of specialty products in the cement and concrete sector. Also arousing curiosity was the reception tunnel, decorated with photographs, diagrams, maps and texts displaying the groups commitment to environmental protection and the restoration of disused quarries.
The public was also treated to our giveaways of fruit candies and tiny pots of honey, a huge success that sweetened the days during the trade fair for exhibitors and visitors alike.

Next Autumn our Group will show up
05 August 2002

Next Autumn our Group will show up

  • 18 - 20 settembre  IUT
  • 02 - 05 ottobre      GEOFLUID
  • 16 - 20 ottobre      SAIE


Innovation in Underground Construction and Tunneling.
Our Company will show the Swiss and Central Europe markets the range of Ecospritz special products. Taking part in this important exhibition strengthens Buzzi Unicem name. Our Company already took part in the International Exhibition for Tunneling and Underground Excavation last year in Basel. Buzzi Unicem has a lot of positive experiences in supplying building materials.
IUT peculiarity is to be organised inside a real tunnel system – 4km in length – and it is referred to as “live” because you will have the opportunity, during the exhibition, to see machinery, equipment and processes in real operation
We wait for you at Sargans, 18th – 20th September 2002, in stand J13.

For any further information send an e-mail to the following address:


Geofluid is the only European exhibition specialised in the drilling sector and underground construction, both in the research of underground fluids and in other geological, geophysical and geotechnical applications. In 2002 edition, besides the three traditional macro-sectors (GEOfluid, GEOtech and GEOcontrol), GEOtunnel will be present with its machinery, equipment and technology used in tunneling construction.
Our company will promote, besides the full range of our cements, Ecospritz special products for the strengthen and the realisation of underground and tunneling works.
In our stand you will meet also members of Dyckerhoff Zement GmbH and D.S.B. GmbH from Wiesbaden, who will promote micro-cements and their applications.

We wait for you in Piacenza, stand 44/45 from 2nd to 5th October.

For any further information send an e-mail to the following address:


We wait for you in pavilion 29, stand D66/E65
For any further information send an e-mail to the following address:




Art, health and work in Guidonia
04 July 2002

Art, health and work in Guidonia

On July 4th 2002 in Guidonia (Rome) the exhibition entitled “Art – Health – Work “ was inaugurated; an exhibition promoted by the USL-RMG Corporation and specifically by the Health District of Guidonia and by the Mental Health Department – Psychiatric Day Center of Guidonia, and maintained by Doctor Roberto Gramiccia, Director of the District and by Doctor Carlo Spatocco, Manager of the Day Center.
The display, sponsored by the Province of Rome, the Municipality of Guidonia and the IX Mountain Community, has also been hosted on the grounds of the Buzzi Unicem plant of Guidonia. The paintings are displayed on the ground floor of the Health District of Guidonia: the works donated by the artist Ennio Alfani will remain to decorate the area.
The sculptures, however, can be visited at the Buzzi Unicem cement plant in Guidonia.
The protagonists of the exhibition include Italian artists of definite renown: the painter Ennio Alfani, the sculptors Nicola Carrino, Lucilla Catania, Claudio Palmieri, Cloti Ricciardi, Walter Vari together with the guests of the Psychiatric Day Center.
The principal purpose of the initiative was that of interweaving the art themes with those of health (mental and physical) and creativity, within a setting that refers to the idea of work, human industriousness and solidarity as inalienable conditions for civil existence and endurance.


Where: • Health District of Guidonia
Via Fratelli Gualandi 35
• Buzzi Unicem Cement Plant
Via per S. Angelo Romano, 14 00012 Guidonia
How to arrive: Tiburtina until Guidonia 
Rome - L'Aquila Expressway 
Tivoli exit.
Visiting hours: from July 4th until July 18th 
Monday - Friday 
10.00 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. / 4.00 - 6.30 p.m. 
Saturday 10.00 a.m. - 12.30 p.m.
Telephone number: +39/0774/353637
Press office
Barbara Perversi +39/347/9464485
Go blue runners!
13 June 2002

Go blue runners!

Our runners beat heat and humidity and conquered the 7th place in the Piacenza team-relay

On June 13, 2002, a team consisting of eight Buzzi Unicem and Unicalcestruzzi employees ran, for the third consecutive year, the Piacenza relay dedicated to Silvano Ruffo, an athlete who was the victim of a fatal accident at work in 1996.
It was a scorching day. The relay started at 5:30 p.m. and the temperature at Piacenza’s stadium was 32 °C, with a humidity rate matching the best traditions of the Po Valley.
Our team comprised the famous marathon runner from Robilante (Cuneo), Marco Olmo, who ran in preparation of the race he would compete in on the following Sunday, June 16, from Limone Piemonte to the Côte d’Azur, which – by the way – he won in 12 hours and 27 minutes. That’s why in his 30 minutes Marco Olmo ran “only” for 18 laps (7,200 meters) instead of the 22 laps he ran the previous year.
Also Mauro Campidelli from the S. Arcangelo’s plant covered 18 laps, followed by Michele Guarino from Unical in Barletta and Augusto Mari from the Guidonia’s cement plant. Our last runner, Edoardo Sirchia from the Personnel Department in Casale, ran for 17.7 laps, while Mariano Proietti from Piacenza and Tommaso Scardini from Guidonia covered 17 laps and Sergio Romani from the Piacenza’s terminal completed 16 laps (6,400 meters).
This year we came 7th over 38 teams, which was a little bit disappointing compared to the brilliant 5th place over 35 teams of the previous year. Why such a difference from 2001? It’s easy to say: the different date in the sport calendar (June instead of April), the different performance of Marco Olmo – who last year had no other race to run within a few days – and the weather that allowed all the participants to run at least one lap more than 2002.
Our goal in 2002 was to come within the first three teams, every runner should have covered at least 20 laps. Anyway our “coach” Marco Massini, cement sales coordinator in Emilia, who never stopped supporting his athletes for the whole four hours of the race, is happy with the team performance and … is very hopeful and confident – with all of us – for the 2003 edition.

Let's meet at Spritzbetontechnologie 2002
28 January 2002

Let's meet at Spritzbetontechnologie 2002

January 31rd – February 1st

From January 31st to February 1st, 2002, Buzzi Unicem will be an exhibitor at the “Spritzbetontechnologie 2002” convention held at the Congress Centrum Alpach in Tirol and organized by the Innsbruck University and by the Institute for building materials & planning.
This meeting is part of a series of periodically-held lectures on shotcrete with the participation of both top experts and major producers of cement, admixtures and bonding materials.
Our participation to this convention as suppliers of extensive building and restoration works of tunnels in Italy and Switzerland, is also a sign of our commitment in shotcrete research and development. We’ll be waiting for you on Thursday, January 31st and Friday, February 1st, 2002, at stand # 12 to show you the complete range of our products.

Link at