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Buzzi Unicem is included in the Register of Historical Italian Companies
04 November 2011

Buzzi Unicem is included in the Register of Historical Italian Companies

Buzzi Unicem has been included in the Register of Historical Italian Companies, a recognition instituted by the Union of the Italian Chambers of Commerce and dedicated to all companies who have contributed to Italy’s economy and development for at least 100 years.
Buzzi Unicem was invited to take part in the initiative by the Chamber of Commerce of Alessandria, on the basis of having combined innovation and tradition over the decades and having built an international corporate entity, whilst maintaining a strong sense of belonging to its country of origin.
The Register counts 1,300 ultra-centenarian companies to date, but the hope is that the list will continue to grow over time, enriching Italian entrepreneurial heritage, as well as the historical perspective.

The Stutz Blackhawk of Alamo Cement receives 1st prize at Hershey, PA
24 October 2011

The Stutz Blackhawk of Alamo Cement receives 1st prize at Hershey, PA

The Alamo Cement 1927 Stutz Blackhawk was shown on October 8, 2011 at the 56th Annual Hershey, PA Fall Meet by John Henderson and Henry Mueller. This was an Antique Automobile Club of America National Meet. Approximately 1,200 cars/trucks were on the show field during judging. Vehicles drove to the show field in parade route fashion. All vehicles were open to all viewers on the show field. The Stutz was in class 18D described as “Classic Vehicles, specifically named: 1925-1927.” Six 18D vehicles were on the show field. Two 1927 Rolls Royce competed directly against the Stutz. Vehicles exited the show field again in parade fashion. The Stutz has a factory exhaust cut out and this was opened during the exit resulting in additional interest as the Stutz noisily rumbled past the spectators.

The Stutz received lots of interest and praise for its restored condition. The judges awarded the Stutz 1st Place at the awards dinner that evening, presenting a very nice trophy statuette. It’s certainly a tribute to those who decided to recondition it, the people who worked on it, and the people who participated in preparing and showing the car.

ENERGY STAR Honor to three Buzzi Unicem USA plants
15 July 2011

ENERGY STAR Honor to three Buzzi Unicem USA plants

Buzzi Unicem USA recently announced that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) have awarded three of its cement manufacturing plants the ENERGY STAR® designation for their superior energy performance. Buzzi’s plants in Selma (MO), Maryneal (TX), and Chattanooga (TN) received the honor. This is the second consecutive year that these plants have been recognized under the program.
The ENERGY STAR® is the national symbol for protecting the environment through superior energy performance. To qualify for the award, a plant must score at least 75 of a possible 100 on the Energy Performance Indicator (EPI), used by the EPA to measure energy efficiency in cement plants. In addition, the plant must have a three-year history of environmental compliance.

Social activities in Ukraine
30 June 2011

Social activities in Ukraine

In 2010, donations were used to build a school in Olshanskoe, the town where our YUGcement cement plant is located. The building, heavily damaged and in disuse for years, was turned into an elementary and junior high school.
Buzzi Unicem has been financing this project since 2007, based on a social partnership agreement with local authorities, specifically with the provincial administration (Raion) and with the regional administration (Oblast).
Between July and October of 2010, an additional contribution by YUGcement was negotiated with the Governor of the Nikolaev region, in order to finish at least the jobs needed to complete the school so that it can be used by the local community. The new agreement was signed in October of 2010 and, within its scope, the regional administration of Nikolaev expressed a favorable opinion concerning the 19-hectare extension of the rental contract stipulated by the provincial administration and YUGcement for our limestone quarry, and also gave a green light for an additional 39-hectare expansion of the same quarry.
The school is almost complete now, and its inauguration is scheduled for the summer, or in any event certainly in time for the next school year.

Use of advanced telematics for fleet management at Alamo Transit
23 May 2011

Use of advanced telematics for fleet management at Alamo Transit

The Alamo Cement transport branch, Alamo Transit, has decided to pioneer the use of advanced telematics and, in particular, hours of service (HOS) e-logging in order to improve the management of the rigs fleet.
By using Fleet Director for electronic hours-of-service (HOS) logging, Alamo Transit eliminates paperwork associated with manual logs. All the data is in Teletrac's system, available to us 24/7 from any browser. Driver and vehicle information is captured automatically in Alamo's HOS e-logs and integrated with Fleet Director's GPS vehicle tracking and date/time stamps, so there's no need to verify logs. The e-logs are inherently accurate. And Alamo is automatically CSA 2010 compliant with EOBR (electronic onboard recorder) requirements.
Savings relating to the use of this system include fuel efficiency, vehicle maintenance, repair costs and insurance premiums, plus avoiding direct and indirect costs of crashes. Indirect costs include schedule disruptions, and customer relations eroded by missed deliveries to construction projects operating on their own tight schedules.
Alamo is now one of the most experienced of its kind in applying these technologies to improve safety.

Available online the Sustainability Report 2010
13 May 2011

Available online the Sustainability Report 2010

The Buzzi Unicem group Sustainability Report has been presented today during the Shareholders Meeting.
The Report shows a carefull analysis of the social, environmental and economic indicators relevant to the group's activities in 2010.
The Report confirms its compliance with the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) guidelines and, also for this edition, it has achieved the maximum level of application A+.
The company is proud of the level A+. It confirms the group's commitment and will to limit environmental impacts and to consolidate the cooperation with local communities.
The 2010 Sustainability Report is printed in Italian and in English.

Sustainability Report 2010

Cementos Moctezuma reinforces its Mexican footprint
20 April 2011

Cementos Moctezuma reinforces its Mexican footprint

The third production site of our subsidiary Corporación Moctezuma - the new greenfield Apazapan cement plant - was inaugurated at the end of 2010 joining the two other plants of Tepetzingo (Morelos) and Cerritos (San Luis Potosí).
The plant is located in the state of Veracruz, 60 km from Xalapa, the capital, and 100 km from the port of Veracruz in the Gulf of Mexico. The plant has a production capacity of 3,300 tons of clinker per day.
Construction work began in April 2008. The engineering, mechanical and electrical assembly work continued until the end of September 2010 when the first start-up tests began. The construction site deployed up to 1,200 internal employees and local contractors per day, used approximately 40,000 m3 of concrete for the foundations, 35,000 m3 for the above-ground construction, over 30,000 m3 of paving, 7,000 tons of structural steel and 12,000 tons of process equipment, most of which came from Europe.

The plant is served by a limestone quarry situated behind the plant and a clay quarry located in another valley approximately 3 km to the west, with enough reserves for approximately 75 years for a plant with double the current capacity.
Several large mining works were completed in order to exploit these quarries as economically and environmentally sustainably as possible. The limestone quarry is excavated using the descending horizontal slicing method with spoil through sub-vertical shaft. The shaft directly feeds the underground crushing plant which is connected to the limestone storage area at the plant by a conveyor belt running through a tunnel. In order to mine the clay, we opted to connect the quarry and the storage area by means of a conveyor belt running uphill inside two tunnels connected by embankments. Completing the installation is a semi-mobile crushing plant connected to the conveyor belt in the tunnel by means of rippable belts. The entire mining works can be summed up with the following figures: 2,900 linear meters of tunnel, 70,000 m3 of excavated area and 125 linear meters of shaft.
The kiln produced the first batch of clinker during the night of 29-30 November 2010, and by March 2011 has been able to maintain a production capacity of 96%.
We are particularly proud of the new plant’s low environmental impact due to its state-of-the-art technology, the best that the Buzzi Unicem group has available and which allows us to obtain best-in-class performance in terms of electrical and thermal energy consumption. As a result, both the direct and indirect atmospheric emissions in general and CO2 in particular are minimal. The hot filtration system completely eliminates the consumption of process water. Costing a total of around 260 million dollars, the Apazapan cement plant has created jobs for at least 200 direct and indirect employees and will supply the central and southern states of Mexico.

Ukraine: Yug and Volyn transition from gas to coal
28 March 2011

Ukraine: Yug and Volyn transition from gas to coal

Most cement plants in Ukraine use natural gas to fuel the clinker burning process, but this energy source is no longer economically viable due to the downturn of the country’s cement sector and the steep increase in the price of gas. Two years ago, Buzzi Unicem approved a large investment project to convert the plants to use coal as the main fuel rather than gas, which came to fruition in mid-2010.

A Pfeiffer MPS 200 K coal mill from the Neubeckum (Germany) plant was installed at Yug, and a Pfeiffer MPS 280 raw mill from Lengerich (Germany), which was converted to grind coal, was installed at Volyn.
These mills represent the main part of the project, which nonetheless required the installation of other large equipment. The entire plant is equipped with the latest dedusting technology, accompanied by safety devices, state-of-the-art process control technology, plus the installation of a sophisticated heating system and an unloading system for the wagons (by tipping).
The two mills were placed into operation in exactly the same manner because our technicians used the same engineering and mainly the same suppliers for the most important components of both projects. Within a few days from starting production, the Yug cement plant was able to replace 70% of the methane used by petcoke, while at Volyn petcoke replaced 75% of the methane used in a short time.
Converting our Ukraine plants from gas to coal will make them much more competitive.

Franco Buzzi, our Vice Chairman, has passed away
15 February 2011

Franco Buzzi, our Vice Chairman, has passed away

With deep sadness and sorrow we announce that Franco Buzzi, our Vice Chairman, family member and friend passed away tonight. Born in 1935, he has been director of Buzzi Unicem SpA since its beginning in 1999. Previously, starting from the '70s, he has held the Chief Executive role of Buzzi Cementi SpA.
Franco Buzzi excelled at business administration and finance, but in reality he had a much vaster and deeper knowledge of the industry in which was born and raised. Together with the other representatives of the third family generation, he was a main architect of the stunning development our company experienced in the last 15 years, guiding it through the evolution from closely held to listed status and the further international expansion, always with a very clear strategic view. Franco's human qualities were even more marked than the professional ones: sensibility, humor, courage, morality, just to name a few. We are going to miss him dearly.

Buzzi Unicem USA purchases cement terminal in Illinois
11 February 2011

Buzzi Unicem USA purchases cement terminal in Illinois

Buzzi Unicem USA has completed the acquisition of a 30,000-ton cement storage dome and distribution terminal from Ozinga Bros. located in Joliet, Illinois. This is the latest addition to the extensive river-based terminal network of the company.
Buzzi Unicem has immediately begun shipping Type-I/II low-alkali cement by barge from its newly expanded plant in Selma, MO. The Joliet terminal allows the company to significantly expand distribution in Illinois. Buzzi Unicem plans to install a self-service kiosk for 24-hour, 7-day loading by early spring 2011. Our subsidiary will continue to supply customers in the northern and central part of Illinois from its rail terminal located in Oglesby, IL.