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Pier Luigi Nervi – Art and Science of Building
15 December 2016

Pier Luigi Nervi – Art and Science of Building

As part of the Ciao Philadelphia 2016 event organized by the General Consulate of Italy, the ACI Convention and Exhibition hosted the “Pier Luigi Nervi – Art and Science of Building” exhibition from 23 to 27 October. With his numerous masterpieces, Italian engineer Pier Luigi Nervi was a key contributor to the development of structural architecture throughout the world and one of the most important and innovative designers and builders of the 20th century.  He was described by Time magazine in 1957 as the “Poet of Concrete” and has been an honorary member of the ACI (American Concrete Institute) since 1969. With sponsorship also from Buzzi Unicem and supplemented by several images from the Historic Archive at our headquarters, the exhibition presented a number of Nervi’s most important works.  The Philadelphia exposition is the first in a large tour of the United States and focuses on the relationship between Nervi and the North American continent, where since the 1950s he worked on important projects such as the George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal in New York, the Victoria Square tower in Montreal, Newark airport and St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco, as well as numerous sports complexes.  The exhibition consists of 20 descriptive panels with photos and high-resolution color reproductions of his drawings, texts and videos.

Open day at Augusta
01 December 2016

Open day at Augusta

The Augusta plant (Siracusa) opened its doors to a number of youngsters, for the most part children of employees, so that they could spend a day at the cement plant.  Plant manager Giovanni Caire welcomed the children and gave them a brief overview of the cement production cycle.  The first visit of the day was to the Laboratory, where the supervisor described which tests and how many are performed on the raw materials, clinker, fuels and the end product. 

This was followed by a tour of the Control Room, coal depot, kiln, burner and substation, and also included a discussion on safety and the importance of PPE (personal protective equipment). 
At the end of the visit, the children were unanimous in their opinion: “We never would have thought that so much technology and professionalism went into a bag of cement!”

Buzzi Unicem returns to the Idea Factory – SAIE 2016
17 November 2016

Buzzi Unicem returns to the Idea Factory – SAIE 2016

Buzzi Unicem renewed its presence at the 2016 edition of the recently concluded SAIE.  Once again, the company exhibited with a stand in the Federbeton area (federation of cement, concrete and basic construction materials associations). 

The association renewed its commitment with SAIE through the so-called Idea Factory, by now a well-known event featuring important discussions between various representatives from the institutional, industrial and technical sectors on the future of construction, as well as technological and ecological innovation associated with the sustainability and safety of the territory.  The next edition of SAIE will be in 2018.

Cementos Moctezuma lends a hand to Casa Alianza
21 October 2016

Cementos Moctezuma lends a hand to Casa Alianza

Cementos Moctezuma has approved a donation of more than 50,000 euros, part in materials and part in cash, to the non-profit foundation Casa Alianza, for the construction of a new residential centre in the southern district of Mexico City.

Working in the country since 1988, the foundation is involved with rescuing homeless children, who are often victims of abuse and exploitation, offering them a place to live, play, and grow in a safe and dignified manner.
The new Casa will house 200 adolescents, both girls and boys, and will be built according to the most modern criteria in terms of sustainability and energy savings.

The project is now in progress and will probably be inaugurated in January 2017.

Cape Girardeau sustains the local High School of Robotics Engineering
19 September 2016

Cape Girardeau sustains the local High School of Robotics Engineering

The Leopold Gearheads - a high school robotics team sponsored by Buzzi Unicem USA - had a very successful 2016 season competing in the Missouri State FTC Robotics competition and competing in the FTC Super-Regional Competition, held in Iowa on March 2016. The Super-Regional event involved 72 teams from 13 different states, where the Gearheads finished as semi-finalists.

The Gearheads, supported by Cape Girardeau, also won many additional FTC awards this season, such as the Connect Award given to the team that best demonstrates a strong and open connection to their STEM community, the Think Award  given to the team that best demonstrates how they overcame the technical challenges they faced building their robot (a device designed to dump blocks and balls into designated baskets), and the Inspire Award, given to the teams that best exemplify FIRST values and show overall excellence in their field.

Buzzi Unicem USA donation for the 2015-2016 competition year was about 4% of the total funding the team needed it provided.

ZAPA Beton celebrates its 25-year anniversary
29 July 2016

ZAPA Beton celebrates its 25-year anniversary

ZAPA beton celebrated its first 25 years of business on 19 June with a special event that took place at the Kačerov batching plant in Prague. Almost 500 people attended the ceremony, including employees and their families, suppliers, customers from Bohemia, and several government officials such as the Minister of Finance, Mr. Babis. For the occasion, the Kačerov facility was transformed into an amusement park with various attractions for the children, refreshments and music by two bands to enliven the atmosphere.
Also in attendance was Jaromír Jágr, a national ice hockey star who was a highly decorated player in the American NHL, winner of two Stanley Cups and world champion with his national team. ZAPA Beton has been supporting the ice hockey school founded in Prague by Jaromír Jágr for many years.
The next jubilee celebration will be on 10 September at the Hulín plant in Moravia.

Stockertown Plant’s 100th Anniversary
08 July 2016

Stockertown Plant’s 100th Anniversary

2016 is a milestone year for the Stockertown Plant, Pennsylvania.  Although the plant location was initially intended to begin development in 1906, the financial panic of 1907 delayed construction and the site laid idle until 1916 when construction finally began. Hercules Cement was incorporated in August 1916.
Today, the Stockertown plant is one of 5 operating cement plants in the Lehigh Valley which one time listed more than 60 cement plants.  The area is known for its Jacksonburg limestone formation.

On June 4, 2016, a Plant Open House was held. More than 250 workers, retirees, families, friends and community leaders attended the family-oriented, nostalgia-filled, industry technology & environmental update event. Tours of the plant and the recently-created environmental reserve “The Hercules Meadow” were conducted. A custom magazine, “Stockertown Plant – A Hundred Years In The Making” was developed to document the Plant’s history.

Nanodur E 80 wins the innovation price
23 June 2016

Nanodur E 80 wins the innovation price

During the Concrete Days organized this year in Neu-Ulm together with the BFT International industry journal, Buzzi Unicem received an important accolade in the production technologies category for the development of Nanodur E80 concrete as a “latest generation product, characterized by a significantly high modulus of elasticity” (source: BFT).

Normal recipes of high performance concrete reach a Young´s modulus between 35,000 to 45,000 MPa, while with the new recipe Nanodur E80 it is possible to exceed the 80,000 MPa. In comparison with a structural component of equal dimensions, the stiffness (in the range of aluminum!) is increased by 100% and the deformations reduce correspondingly. Interesting fields of application may be highly loaded precast elements. The secret of this innovation is the replacement of natural aggregate with the industrially enhanced aggregate durigid. The binder Nanodur Compound 5941 based on Nanodur cement for easy production of UHPC had already won the innovation price in 2008.

San Antonio celebrates Concrete Street Centennial
21 June 2016

San Antonio celebrates Concrete Street Centennial

San Antonio and concrete industry representatives celebrated the centennial of Belknap Place, the oldest existing concrete street in Texas, with the unveiling of a Texas State Historical Commission marker on May 21.

The 0.7 mile long by 40 ft. wide concrete section was built in 1914 and has functioned admirably, providing a durable, low-maintenance pavement for a progression of vehicles from horse and buggy to automobiles, trucks and busses. It employed a patented “Granitoid” system that featured a 2-course wet-on-wet concrete placement, with hard, durable coarse aggregate in a rich mortar mix for the surface course. Its stamped brick-like surface provided improved traction for horseshoes.

The festivities included an evening cocktail party at the nearby historic Baumberger Estate—a 1929 concrete home built by Alamo Cement’s longtime president and early PCA board member Charles Baumberger Sr.
PCA President and CEO Jim Toscas attended the event. Alamo Cement /Buzzi Unicem USA, CEMEX, Texas Lehigh Cement, the Texas Aggregates and Concrete Association, and the Texas Concrete Pavement Association were represented as were the American Concrete Pavement Association and the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association.

Heropean Fencers 2016 at Casale Monferrato
13 May 2016

Heropean Fencers 2016 at Casale Monferrato

From 17 to 22 May, Casale Monferrato will host the Wheelchair Fencing European Championship, the last qualification event for the Rio 2016 Paralympics.

Some 200 fencers from 17 different countries will be competing in the event. The 12 athletes on the Italian team, the largest in the competition, are already here in our city for training camp. They include Beatrice Vio, 2014 European champion in category B and 2015 world champion; Loredana Triglia and Andreea Ionela Mogos for women’s foil; Alessio Sarri, bronze medal winner at the London 2012 Paralympic Games and one of the protagonists of men’s sabre category B; and Matteo Betti, also a bronze medal winner at the London 2012 Paralympics. The matches will take place at the PalaFiere and will be broadcast by RAI Sport.

Buzzi Unicem, which has always had a close bond with the city where its headquarters are located, appreciates and supports this event, which conveys important social and educational values.

Community Service Event at Cape Girardeau
04 May 2016

Community Service Event at Cape Girardeau

Steve Leus, Mark Kluesner, Dennis Tew, Steve Sebaugh, Brad Meyr and Cheryl Chittenden from the Cape Girardeau Plant, Missouri, participated in a volunteer event called “Feed My Starving Children Mobile Pack”. 

They packed bags with various life-saving dry food items specially formulated for malnourished children which were then shipped by truck to nearly 70 countries around the world, truly offering hope to the hungry and building generations of healthy children.

Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) is a Christian non-profit organization with a highly visual and compelling story of volunteers of all ages. FMSC organize volunteers to hand-pack meals and they send them to partners around the world where they’re used to operate orphanages, schools, clinics and feeding programs to break the cycle of poverty. 

Successful placement of Buzzi Unicem's Eurobond issue targeted at institutional investors
20 April 2016

Successful placement of Buzzi Unicem's Eurobond issue targeted at institutional investors

Today Buzzi Unicem SpA (the “Company”) has successfully completed the placement of the Eurobond authorized on 13 April 2016, for a nominal amount of €500 million with a 7-year maturity (the "Notes").

The Notes, placed with institutional investors only in a minimum denomination of €100,000, pay a fixed annual coupon of 2.125%. The issue price is equal to 99.397% of par value. The Notes, which are governed by English law, are due in a single instalment on 28 April 2023.

The Notes were oversubscribed more than 6 times across 330 accounts. Standard & Poor’s confirmed a rating of BB+ for the Notes, in line with the one already assigned to the Company. Buzzi Unicem will apply for the listing and admission to trading of the Notes on the regulated market of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.
Through this issue, the Company has reached the goal of promptly renewing some short-term borrowings, further diversifying its funding sources and extending the average debt maturity profile.

Banca IMI, BNP Paribas and Citi acted as Joint Lead Manager and Joint Bookrunner of the transaction.

The Notes will only be offered and sold outside the United States to institutional investors that are non-U.S. persons under Regulation S and have not been and will not be registered under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”) or any other securities laws. The Notes may not be offered or sold in the United States absent registration or an applicable exemption from registration requirements. This press release shall not constitute an offer to sell or an offer of financial products, nor shall there be any sale of these Notes in any state or jurisdiction in which such an offer or sale would be unlawful. No action has been or will be taken to permit a public offering of the Notes in any jurisdiction, including Italy.
This press release is not an offer of securities for sale or an offer of financial products in the Unites States or in any other jurisdiction, including Italy. The Notes may not be offered or sold in the United States or to or for the account or benefit of U.S. persons (as such term is defined in Regulation S of the U.S. Securities Act) unless registered under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933 or exempted from such registration. Any offer of Notes will be made by means of a prospectus that will contain detailed information on, inter alia, the Issuer  and its management.
No authorization for the offer of the Notes has been requested to Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa (CONSOB) pursuant to Italian securities legislation. Accordingly, the Notes have not been and will not be offered, sold or delivered in Italy in a public offering unless in circumstances which are exempted from the publication of a prospectus pursuant to applicable laws and regulations and the Notes will be offered, sold or delivered in Italy only in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
This press release is directed only (i) at persons who are outside the United Kingdom; (ii) to investment professionals falling within art. 19 (5) of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Financial Promotion) Order 2005 (“Order”) as amended or (iii) at persons falling within Article 49 (2)  (a) to (d) (high net worth individuals, unincorporated associations, etc.”) of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Financial Promotion) Order 2005 as amended (all such persons together being referred to as “relevant persons”). This press release must not be acted on nor relied on by persons that are not relevant persons. Any investment activity to which this press release relates is reserved for relevant persons only and may only be engaged in by relevant persons.

Not for distribution in the United States

Company contacts:
Investor Relations Assistant
Ileana Colla
Phone +39 0142 416 404

ZAPA beton supports the future hockey champions
18 March 2016

ZAPA beton supports the future hockey champions

ZAPA beton has agreed to support the Rytíři Kladno hockey club once again this year, in a collaboration between concrete and ice hockey that has lasted for over 16 years.  The Kladno stadium was partially rebuilt thanks to support from ZAPA beton, making the ice rink more comfortable for both players and spectators alike.
Rytíři Kladno is one of the most well-known sports clubs in the Czech Republic, boasting six national championship titles and a European Champions Hockey League win.  The club’s youth squad also achieves excellent results, and many of Kladno’s graduates go on to play in the North American National Hockey League (NHL) and other prestigious world leagues such as the Russian KHL or the Swedish Elitserien.

With help from its partners, including ZAPA, the club fields about 20 teams comprising a total of almost 500 players, offering them proper facilities and professional coaches.  The ice skating school now has many more children than in the past, and perhaps hockey may become a profession for some of them.  For now though, they are enjoying themselves and receiving important training in aspects such as discipline, respect and helping others.
ZAPA is proud to collaborate with Rytíři Kladno, a club that is focused on training youngsters and helping meet the needs of the community.

Buzzi Unicem adds three new terminals in the USA
18 February 2016

Buzzi Unicem adds three new terminals in the USA

Buzzi Unicem has added three new terminals to its distribution network, acquired after the merger between Lafarge and Holcim.  Located in Rock Island (IL), Grandville (MI) and Elmira (MI), the terminals will serve new markets for our company. 
Cement is delivered to the Rock Island terminal from the Selma (MO) plant by barge along the Mississipi river or by rail from the Greencastle (IN), Cape Girardeau (MO) and Selma (MO) plants.  The terminal has a distribution capacity of around 70,000 tons of cement per year.
Grandville is supplied by the Greencastle (IN) plant by rail and truck and has an annual capacity of about 90,000 tons of cement. 
Located in northern Michigan, Elmira receives cement from the Greencastle (IN) and Chattanooga (TN) plants by rail.  The terminal delivers approximately 27,000 tons of cement.

SOLIDUR, a key player in SIN reclamation projects
22 January 2016

SOLIDUR, a key player in SIN reclamation projects

The Ing. E. Mantovani construction company of Padua chose Buzzi Unicem and its SOLIDUR, a ready-to-use product for self-hardening plastic mixtures for the reclamation of the Vallone Moranzani landfill, designated as a Site of National Interest (SIN) within the municipal territory of Venice.
The project involves the construction of a new landfill plant for non-hazardous waste and stable non-reactive hazardous waste above three former brownfields. The disposal capacity of the new landfill will be more than 2,000,000 m3. The diaphragm wall work began in 2014 and will most likely be completed by the end of April 2016. The impermeable plastic diaphragm wall is 80 cm thick anchored at variable depths and is made using the SOLIDUR 274 SPECIALE mixture with a density of 1.20 g/cm3, composed of cementitious mineral  binders, clay and bentonitic components and special mineral additions. Approximately 50,000 m3 of self-hardening plastic mix using 16,000 tons of SOLIDUR 274 SPECIALE will be used to build the wall.