Corporate Governance - heading


Board of directors

The board of directors is the collective body for the government of the company vested with all powers relating to the ordinary and extraordinary management. The board of directors primarily performs a guideline and control function with respect to the general activities of the company and of its group, without prejudice to the tasks assigned by law to the various entities of the group.

Regulations of the Board of Directors (PDF)

Currently the Board consists of 3 executive members and 7 non-executive directors, including 5 independent directors:


Veronica Buzzi
Non-executive Chairman


Pietro Buzzi
Chief Executive Officer

Paolo Burlando
Non-executive Director
Luigi Buzzi
Executive Director - Chief Technology Officer
Luigi (Gigi) Buzzi
Executive Director
Aldo Fumagalli Romario
Independent non-executive Director
Linda Orsola Gilli
Independent non-executive Director
Marcella Logli
Independent non-executive Director
Antonella Musy
Independent non-executive Director
Giovanna Vitelli
Independent non-executive Director