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Material Issues

The so-called 'material' issues are those that have emerged from a comparison of what is important for the company and what is important for its stakeholders. Identifying which are the 'right' ones to compare ourselves against is one of the key steps in sustainability. Shareholders and investors certainly play a decisive role in public companies, but the opinions of our customers, suppliers, employees and local communities are no less important.

Finding the right balance between these sometimes conflicting parties is not easy, but we can only remain competitive in the long term if we follow this route. The sections below describe some of these material issues. Please see the sustainability report ('publications' section) for a complete overview.


Buzzi Unicem makes every effort to achieve the highest level of safety for its employees and suppliers. Our expectation is that the highest level of safety means that there are no accidents or the development of occupational illnesses.


The goal of this policy is to achieve working conditions that do not lead to the occurrence of accidents and/or the development of occupational illnesses.

2019 Performance 

Safety indicators since 2015 are reported hereunder. Data are referred to employees and contractors wotrking on Buzzi Unicem's sites. All our business activities are covered: cement, aggregates, concrete, terminal, transport, headquarters/offices/laboratories. 

The first graph shows the number of accidents causing absence from work:

The following two graphs show the trend of safety Key Performance Indicators: 

LTIFR = number of accidents with lost days / worked hours * 1,000,000



TIFR = number of accidents with and without lost days / worked hours * 1,000,000


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In line with the objectives established by the international climate protocols, Buzzi Unicem is committed to reducing its CO2 emissions. Following the Paris Agreement of December 2015, this commitment was extended to all the countries in which the Group operates.


Although there are many factors which may have an influence, not all of them are predictable and within Buzzi Unicem’s control, we believe we can reduce CO2 emissions by 2022 by 5% compared to 2017, being the same the structure of production.

2019 Performance

The below graphs show the trend of direct gross CO2 emissions at Group level and the CO2 footprint by Country:



Beyond CO2 topic, Buzzi Unicem also reports on other environmental aspects, as follows:










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Buzzi Unicem recognizes the importance of building and maintaining relationships of trust based on mutual respect, active partnership, transparency and long-term collaboration with its stakeholders, particularly those who are well established in the territories in which the group operates.


The goal is to implement the strategic approach for Stakeholder Engagement and conduct recurring events (such as Family & Friends) at every production site that has a high economic, environmental and
social impact.

Performance 2018






Given its attention to “internal stakeholders”, Buzzi Unicem continuously invest in training and prevention initiatives with a particular focus on safety. Furthermore, every year, Buzzi Unicem hosts the European Work Council’s meeting with the aim of improving relations between companies and worker representatives.

Buzzi Unicem has a continuous relationship with its suppliers and, thanks to a highly effective supply chain, it creates mutual value and advantages by focusing on excellence. Suppliers are chosen on the basis of their technical and economic competitiveness, as well as their reliability and solidity. All suppliers and contractors must comply with Buzzi Unicem’s Code of Conduct, which emphasizes the need for appropriate and transparent conduct while carrying out the requested activities.


Buzzi Unicem is fully committed to research for technical solutions that can improve its environmental impact and that can support the suitable development of local communities. Buzzi Unicem is an active member of CEMBUREAU and Global Cement and Concrete Association.

In Buzzi Unicem, the company and its customers work together in synergy to develop innovative technical solutions to respond to the demands and challenges of a constantly evolving market.

Constant shareholder relations are encouraged by means of targeted communication, such as meetings, presentations, press releases and roadshows.