23 November 2012

Buzzi Unicem increases its stake in Dyckerhoff AG

Buzzi Unicem has entered today into an agreement, to be executed by November 30, 2012, for the purchase of ordinary and preferred shares of the German subsidiary Dyckerhoff AG, by virtue of which Buzzi Unicem’s interest in Dyckerhoff AG’s total share capital will increase to 96.6% (98.1% of ordinary stock and 95.2% of preferred stock).

The German law enables the shareholder owning at least 95% of the share capital to avail itself of the right to purchase all outstanding shares still held by minorities (squeeze-out procedure). As of now, Buzzi Unicem has not taken any final stance on the implementation of such a procedure.

During the current year and including today’s agreement, Buzzi Unicem has overall purchased #20,499 ordinary shares and #1,347,951 preferred shares of Dyckerhoff AG  at a total cost of approx. €71.7 million.

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