21 March 2019

Resignation of the independent director Luca Dal Fabbro

This is to inform that Luca Dal Fabbro has announced today to resign from the position of non-executive independent director of the company, effective from the end of the meeting of the Board of Directors scheduled for 28 March 2019.

Dal Fabbro has considered it appropriate to leave his offices as non-executive director held in listed companies, after his name had been indicated for the Snam SpA presidency by the majority shareholder, in view of the Shareholders' Meeting of the company called for 2 April 2019.

Dal Fabbro was appointed by cooptation as a director on 8 February 2018, on the proposal of the Asset Management Committee (body made up of representatives of Italian and foreign institutional investors) in place of Oliviero Maria Brega, who had passed away, and was confirmed by the shareholders’ meeting on 10 May 2018, following a proposal by a group of international and national institutional investors.

Buzzi Unicem would like to warmly thank Luca Dal Fabbro for the contribution he made and wishes him a rewarding continuation of his professional commitments.

Luca Dal Fabbro, at the time of his resignation, does not hold any Buzzi Unicem SpA shares.

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