27 April 2020

Report on the purchase of treasury shares

Buzzi Unicem SpA announces that during the period from April 20, 2020 through April 21, 2020 it acquired no. 23,303 ordinary treasury shares and no savings treasury shares for a total consideration of 370,044.07 Euro, as authorized by the Ordinary General Meeting on May 9, 2019.

Details of the daily transactions on the Mercato Telematico Azionario are as follows:

Date Number of ordinary shares purchased Average price (Euro) Consideration (Euro)
04/20/2020 5,200 15.8775 82,563.00
04/21/2020 18,103 15.8803 287,481.07
Total 23,303 15.8797 370,044.07

Attached to this press release is a daily recap of the purchase transactions carried out during the reference period.

Following the above purchases, the Company holds no. 321,923 ordinary shares and no. 88,580 savings shares as of April 21, 2020, equal to 0.199% of the issued share capital.


Company contacts:
Investor Relations Assistant
Ileana Colla
Phone +39 0142 416 404

Daily recap