21 December 2015

Update about the offer to purchase cement and concrete business units of SACCI SpA

Buzzi Unicem has been informed today that the Board of Directors of SACCI SpA (SACCI) has decided to proceed with a composition plan that includes the offer made by Buzzi Unicem for the acquisition of the cement and ready-mix concrete business unit of SACCI itself.

The offer has been amended increasing the minimum variable amount component of the price from €25 million to €35 million, payable in advance at the closing date.

Therefore the amended offer provides for the payment by Buzzi Unicem of a provisional price amounting to €74 million, subject to adjustments based on the payables and receivables of the business units at the closing date. A further variable outlay is expected to be added on top of the original commitment, according to specific future events including, most importantly, the Ebitda achieved in Italy over the next four years. In any case this variable component of the price cannot be less than €35 million, to be paid (as mentioned above) at the closing date.

In order to allow the composition bodies an adequate time to assess the offer, Buzzi Unicem has postponed the validity of it until 31 May 2016.

We recall that the composition plan will be subject to the vote of the creditors. If the vote of the creditors of SACCI is positive, it will be further submitted for approval to the Court of Rome.

The acceptance of Buzzi Unicem offer depends on the outcome of the aforesaid composition plan and on the decisions to be taken by the composition plan bodies, whose authorisation is required to allow the acceptance of the offer by SACCI.

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