Our People

Buzzi Unicem recognizes the centrality of people with the belief that its success depends above all on the commitment of each employee.
For this reason, we encourage personal and professional development of our people through initiatives aimed at increasing their skills and expertise.

Buzzi Unicem is committed to ensuring that in every country in which it operates, not only local regulations related to working conditions are respected, but also the skills and the professional growth of all employees are enhanced.
The skills and expertise of our people, particularly from a technical point of view, are fundamental in the continuous growth and development of our company. 
Encouraging the dialogue among people of different ages is another key aspect of our plurality: in recent years, initiatives have been launched to promote intergenerational exchange and to transfer senior employees' know-how to new generations. In addition, annual plans are underway to identify potential resources being suitable to be part of succession planning programs.
Training activities are selected on the basis of the requirements that emerge at a country level. The main categories of activities are confirmed: health and safety, environment, management systems, cement and concrete technology, project management, IT tools and foreign languages.

Despite Covid-19 pandemic, the company continues to keep alive the interest in young undergraduates or newly graduates, to be included in specific training projects.
Buzzi Unicem guarantees, throughout the selection process, non-discrimination on grounds of gender, race, nationality, political and religious orientation, social condition. Moreover, the company pursues and respects criteria of professionalism suitable for the position searched, making use of adequate and consolidated tools and techniques in the selection process.
The personnel selection approach, perfectly integrated with the Stakeholder Engagement policy, is aimed at attracting young talents through partnerships with universities, defining assessment and professional development programs.

Our approach to remuneration is consolidated within the governance of all the countries in which we operate and is aligned with the most recent regulatory provisions. It is linked to the performance, the market context, the alignment with business strategies and the interests of the main stakeholders.
Our remuneration policy contributes to the goal of attracting, retaining and motivating qualified people capable of building our competitive advantage.
Through adequate remuneration and incentive mechanisms, we are committed to creating a high-quality inclusive work environment, based on the multiple strategic skills and capable of encouraging individual expression.
From a perspestive of transparency, a total compensation system is envisaged, i.e. a remuneration package which can include, in addition to a basic remuneration, a variable component (typically linked to company performance) at individual or category level, as well as incentives and bonuses.
Based on the needs of the countries where the company operates, we adopt initiatives that contribute to improving the living conditions of our employees: among these, initiatives that may include attention to issues of gender diversity, training courses, career advancement opportunities and benefits such as restaurant services or vouchers, health insurance, educational incentives (e.g. scholarships for children), flexible hours, part-time working, supplementary pension and smart working.