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Safety Policy

Buzzi Unicem makes every effort to achieve the highest level of safety for its employees and suppliers.

Our expectation is that the highest level of safety means that there are no accidents or the development of occupational illnesses.

To achieve the above, it is essential to:

  • comply with all the regulatory requirements in force in the countries in which the group operates;
  • make technical and organizational choices that conform with best practices;
  • ensure that the above choices are in no way influenced by economic convenience and/or cost control motives.

Being aware that safety can only be achieved by continuously ensuring that the risks, behaviors, preventive measures and a system of controls that involves all the workers have been properly evaluated.

Being aware that management’s responsibility in this regard is essential and must be evident.

Committing to monitor and reporting on our performance by means of internationally recognized indicators (KPIs), which are used for internal evaluations and comparisons with other companies within and outside the sector in each country.

Recognizing that third-party safety certifications are a valid tool for implementing this policy and undertaking to obtain them.

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