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Research & development

Buzzi dedicates particular attention to applied research through continuous, extensive experimental activities, seeking potential innovations for both the production process and the products. To this end, the company participates as an industry partner in national and international research projects, helping to develop new materials and technology and to create a network of knowledge with structures of excellence within the field of scientific research.  

The Research and Development activities focus on five strategic areas:

New hydraulic binders, to promote activities and research aimed at developing alternative binders to traditional ones, identifying technologies for reusing waste and alternative materials in Portland cements, and keeping a very close eye on competitor activities.

High performance concretes, to develop new classes of binders with very high mechanical performance levels (mechanical strength, modulus of elasticity, durability).

Multi-functional construction materials, to generate new ideas and develop a broader vision. This area also includes scientific research on construction materials with photocatalytic, self-cleaning and self-repairing properties.

Improved construction materials. Research is focused on developing new classes of construction materials with longer durability, greater mechanical strength, special characteristics such as lightness, thermal insulation, and resistance to aggressive chemicals, and also materials that can revolutionize the construction industry, ranging from design to the casting of concrete, by introducing technological solutions that can lead to different construction techniques, such as glass fiber reinforcement or reinforcement that is more resistant to chlorides.

Innovative production processes. Technological processes that could impact the properties of cement and concrete and develop solutions to capture, store and/or convert CO2. Due to its complexity, this type of project is considered as pre-competitive research activity which is conducted by task forces in collaboration with other companies in the sector, such as the ongoing collaboration through the ECRA (European Cement Research Academy).