OOO SLK Cement operates in the eastern area of the Ural mountains, where two cement plants are located, the Suchoi Log facility, about 100 km from Ekaterinburg and with a production capacity of 3.6 million tons/year (of which 1.2 million tons/year referring to the dry process production line started in 2010), and the Korkino plant, acquired in 2014, about 40 km south of Chelyabinsk, with a cement production capacity of 0.7 million tons/year and important reserves of raw materials. The country's overall production capacity is therefore over 4 million tons/year. There is also 1 distribution terminal located in Omsk.

The market areas served are that of the Urals and Western Siberia. Among other things, the Suchoi Log plant specializes in the production of special cements for the consolidation of oil wells.

There are 1,556 employees in the country.

Due to the sanctions imposed on Russia by the European institutions, with effect from May 2022 Buzzi has ceased any operational involvement in the activity carried out by the subsidiary OOO SLK Cement in Russia. As a result, further strategic initiatives in the country have been suspended.