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The evolving world of construction requires innovative materials and solutions that can render the concepts of engineers, architects and designers into tangible works.
Innovating means thinking about and designing change, and supporting new technologies that blend in with our way of living, constructing infrastructure and building structures.

Innovating for Buzzi Unicem also means implementing a culture and working synergistically with people who look to building materials to create something new and need partners who can provide them with expertise and experience that has been acquired over many years.
The flexibility of the production facilities, the ability to optimally manage the available resources, the continuing commitment to pioneering solutions and investments in Research and Development are the distinctive hallmarks of sustainable development and the greatest competitive edge, and give Buzzi Unicem the greatest ability to formulate and market ready-to-use cements and special and premixed binders.

White cement

A modern, ductile material, white cement meets the construction needs of today that require high-performance, durable components but without losing their aesthetic aspect. Our white cement fulfills the requirement of architects, engineers and designers to produce durable works with a sophisticated design. White cement is mainly available for the German market.

Oil well cement

Drilling operations for oil, gas, water and geothermal energy are complex and the wells must be durable, so it is important that the casings of these wells are cemented properly.
Wells constructed with our cement have been the benchmark of the oil industry for over 50 years due to their quality and performance.

Sulfoaluminate cement

Buzzi Unicem is a leading producer of standard cements in Italy (conforming to European standard EN 197/1) for specific applications (components that are resistant to aggressive environments, concretes with controlled heat development), with a range of different types and strength classes depending upon the needs of the market, which is increasingly focused on advanced construction solutions of a very high quality. 

One of these solutions is the NEXT family of binders based on sulfoaluminate clinker produced in Italy and the United States. Buzzi Unicem is the first company in Europe to obtain CE marking for structural applications, and to demonstrate the feasibility of producing these special cements on an industrial scale in compliance with the strict limits of composition, performance and durability in concrete, similar to those currently achievable with standard cements.

Cement for building roadbeds

Used to stabilize, seal and reinforce the ground during the construction, repair and upgrading of roads, this product is a mixture of lime and cement and takes advantage of the main qualities of the two materials. The drying properties of lime and the binding properties of cement make this the ideal product for building roads and railway beds.

Cement for environmental remediation

Required in all sectors where sites or structures must be waterproofed and secured, this cement is unparalleled when it comes to remediating contaminated sites such as landfills and industrial sites. It is used to secure hydraulic works such as embankments or dams to prevent them from collapsing in the case of flooding or the siphoning of water due to high hydrostatic pressure. All these cases involve working in a “plastic field”, in other words with products that remain as “flexible” and pliable over time as the ground in which they were placed, without developing cracks. For example, considering how MSWLs (municipal solid waste landfills) settle over time, it is clearly important to use a plastic barrier which can become deformed over time but without micro-cracking, which would affect the waterproofing properties and the securing of the site. 

Cement for concrete and precast elements

Buzzi Unicem offers a wide range of Portland cements for construction, civil engineering and all concrete applications. Buzzi Unicem cements are certified and guaranteed, and are used together with admixtures that allow for optimal implementation.

Natural aggregates

All extraction operations alter the morphology of the territory and must be carried out in accordance with the geological features of the deposit and the surrounding morphology. Buzzi Unicem manages numerous quarries, and for a long time has been investing in human and financial resources to ensure the environmental restoration of the sites and mitigate the impacts associated with the quarrying activities.