13 December 2022

Execution of the project to revise the corporate structure

We inform you that the corporate revision project, which had already been approved by the Board of Directors and communicated on 3 August 2022 and 8 November 2022, has been implemented today.
As it is known, the project provides for the contribution in kind of the business unit relating to the cement operations in Italy in favor of the company named Buzzi Unicem Srl, whose share capital is held entirely and directly by Buzzi Unicem SpA. The project, within the scope of consolidation, aims to make the corporate structure of Buzzi Unicem consistent with the evolution of the organizational structure and the international footprint of the group. Following this contribution, the listed parent company will continue to deal with the determination and development of guidelines and the strategic coordination for all subsidiaries. 
In particular, today Buzzi Unicem Srl has resolved a share capital increase for a nominal amount of €119,974,500, with a share premium equal to €269,150,962, i.e. a total amount of €389,125,462 reserved for subscription to Buzzi Unicem SpA, as the sole shareholder, simultaneously subscribed and fully released by the latter, through the contribution in kind of the Italian cement business.
The aforementioned resolution and the contribution will be effective from 1 January 2023, upon registration with the competent Company Register.
Therefore, on the effective date, Buzzi Unicem Srl will acquire ownership of the Italian cement business and will have a share capital of €120,000,000.00, entirely held by Buzzi Unicem SpA.

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