03 May 2012

Dyckerhoff group sales decreased sligthly in the first quarter of 2012 as a result of weather conditions

We report hereunder the ad-hoc-release issued today by the subsidiary Dyckerhoff AG, according to Article 15 Securities Trading Act (WpHG).

Key figures of the Dyckerhoff Group:

(million of euro)
      Jan - Mar
      Jan - Mar
Group sales       289       298       -9
thereof division
Germany/Western Europe
      154       179       -25
thereof division
Eastern Europe
      95       87       8
thereof division
      40       32       8
EBITDA       0       22       -22
EBIT       -34       -14       -20
Result before income taxes       -46       -24       -22
Net profit (loss)       -32       -17       -15


In the first quarter 2012 the cold weather in Western Europe led to volume declines. Group sales decreased by 3%, thereby, sales increases in the Eastern Europe and USA divisions could not offset the decrease in the Germany / Western Europe division.

Group EBITDA declined by a total of EUR 22 million, mainly due to the volume decreases. Thereof, one-time effects totaled EUR 12 million; in the previous year, essentially a book profit relating to the sale of a former office building in Luxembourg as well as income from trading with CO2 emission rights had a positive effect on EBITDA. The remaining decline of EUR 10 million resulted from weather conditions. Depreciation and amortization declined by EUR 2 million, therefore, EBIT decreased by EUR 20 million. While net investment income and other financial results deteriorated, net interest improved. The result before income taxes decreased accordingly by EUR 22 million. In consideration of income taxes, this added up to a result of EUR -32 million.

For fiscal year 2012, Dyckerhoff expects the level of Group sales and results to remain stable compared to 2011.

The complete Interim Report will be released on May 3, 2012 at noon.

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