08 March 2012

New Director appointed

The Board of Directors of Buzzi Unicem, in today’s meeting, appointed by cooptation Prof. Ester Faia as independent director, to replace Prof. Elsa Fornero who resigned in November 2011 upon taking the office of Minister of Welfare.

The Board of Director has also assessed that the new director meets the criteria of independence as per Legislative Decree no. 58/98 and pursuant to the Code of Conduct adopted by Borsa Italiana (such as applied by the company as stated in the Report on corporate governance and ownership structure).

Pursuant to article 2368 of the Civil Code, the new director will remain in office till next AGM.


Ester Faia, who got a degree in Economics from Bocconi University and a Ph.D. from New York University, has held several academic positions and affiliations with international organisations. She is professor at Goethe University Frankfurt, senior fellow at Center for Financial Studies and research professor at Kiel Institute. She is author of numerous papers published in qualified academic journals. She has done jobs for several central banks, research centers (such as CEPREMAP in Paris and Globalization Center of Dallas Fed) and foreign universities. She has received prestigious awards from institutions such as the European Union, the European Central Bank and the German Research Foundation.

Company contacts:
Investor Relations Assistant
Mariangiola Fiore
Phone +39 0142 416 404