18 April 2019

Conversion notices for the bond “Buzzi Unicem €220.000.000 1.375% Equity-Linked Bonds due 2019”

Buzzi Unicem informs that, regarding the notices for conversion of the “Buzzi Unicem €220,000,000 1.375% Equity-Linked Bonds due 2019”, maturing on 10 July 2019, today the Board of Directors has resolved to avail itself of the faculty both to deliver the treasury shares held in portfolio and to partially repay in cash the value of the shares requested for conversion. This value, the so-called Cash Alternative Amount, corresponds to the average listing of the ordinary share over a period of twenty-day subsequent to the exercise of the conversion, according to the individual notices notified to the company.

As a result of such resolution, the repayment of the convertible bond in question will be accomplished without issuing new shares. Funding of the Cash Alternative Amount will be provided by the available liquidity and/or by committed credit facilities already in place.

Company contacts:
Investor Relations Assistant
Ileana Colla
Phone: +39 0142 416 404